Post Tour integration

It has been a little over a month since I arrived back home. It is a familiar but a very strange feeling to be back and I feel like I have a double identity and what I mean is that I know the previous life I had was one of redundancy and predictability and even … Continue reading Post Tour integration


Virginia, beautiful state , beautiful people but a vortex.

Virginia was fantastic to tour. It was extremely beautiful, it provides some amazing scenery, fantastic people but also it can suck you in into this vortex where you are never going to leave. I have been fortunate enough to meet many Appalachian Trail hikers on the Skyline Drive.  Many were wonderful, some I could not … Continue reading Virginia, beautiful state , beautiful people but a vortex.

Hello again!

Hello again! How else can I start again after a long while. I hope for those who read this blog again and honor and privilege me with your time are well and I can assure you that I have not forgotten about you, in the contrary, many times in my thoughts many of you have … Continue reading Hello again!


Been back has been harder than leaving. At the beginning I thought that nothing was more difficult than leaving. It seems that so many factors had to come into  linear equation for  this journey to begin. The equipment part or the why I was doing  this journey was not the issue because, I had the … Continue reading WHAT NOW ?